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Certified Networks

California medical provider networks.

Participation in a California medical provider network (MPN) is an important component of a medical cost containment strategy as it allows employers better control over the care of the injured worker. For any insurer in California, care for the injured worker, control for the duration of the claim, access to quality medical services, and medical provider discounted rates are all important to decrease employee downtime and return back to work at a financially advantageous amount to the company.

An MPN is a group of health care providers used by employers to treat employees injured on the job. In California, the MPN must meet certain requirements including being able to treat injuries in a timely manner, having close access to care, providing an adequate mix of physicians and medical facilities specializing in workers’ compensation cases, and for the in-network providers to offer treatment at reasonable times to all employees. 

Prime Health Services offers its clients access to California medical provider networks (MPNs) to allow employers better control over the care of their injured worker. Providers are accessible state-wide.

Attention California MPN Providers: 

Thank you for your participation in the Prime Health Medical Provider Network. If you have any questions during our contractual relationship please feel free to contact our Provider Relations Department at  1-866-348-3887 or ProviderRelations@PrimeHealthServices.com. Our clients appreciate your care to allow their injured employees to get back to health and back to work. 

If your practice or any of its practitioners no longer accept workers’ compensation patients or wish to decline to participate in any or all of our MPNs, please inform us immediately so that we can suppress your practice from the MPN provider directories.  You may submit declinations to providerrelations@primehealthservices.com  Please reference the MPN ID you wish to decline participation in. 

Prime Health Services CA MPN networks:

PHS MPN – #2473

To obtain a copy of any required MPN notifications, please call 1-866-348-3887.


To obtain a copy of any required MPN notifications, please call 1-866-348-3887.


To obtain a copy of any required MPN notifications, please call 1-866-348-3887.


To obtain a copy of any required MPN notifications, please call 1-866-348-3887.

Each MPN is certified individually for an insurer and goes through a certification approval process by the California Division of Workers’ Compensation (DWC).

Health care providers included in our CA MPN include physicians, surgeons, psychologists, acupuncturists, optometrists, dentists, podiatrists, chiropractic practitioners, physical therapists, and other ancillary services. All providers have a contractual agreement to treat workers’ compensation injuries.

Have general questions about an MPN in California? Here are answers to frequently asked questions.

Texas Health Care Network.

Since 2010, Prime Health Services, Inc. has been certified with the Texas Department of Insurance (TDI). Our preferred provider network is experienced in treating work related injuries, helping patients return to work as quickly as possible while offering employers greater medical control for the life of a claim.

Texas is the 2nd largest state by population, has the largest number of counties, and has the 2nd highest workers compensation costs in the country. The costs to employers were making it difficult to operate in Texas and still be competitive. The Texas Division of Insurance created the Texas Health Care Network (HCN) in 2005 to provide a tool to employers in their effort to control the rising costs of claims. A major part of this legislation was the creation and certification of networks of providers that were focused on return to work treatment guidelines. 

Throughout the state of Texas, the Prime Health Services Network consists of over 21,000 providers state-wide.

TDI employee information: https://www.tdi.texas.gov/pubs/consumer/cb084.html and https://www.tdi.texas.gov/wc/employee/index.html.

TDI employer information: https://www.tdi.texas.gov/wc/employer/index.html and https://www.tdi.texas.gov/wc/employer/employerresources.html.


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Texas HCN Resources

Certified Workers’ Compensation Health Care Network

  • Prime Health Services, Inc. – certificate # 12579217
  • 250 out of 254 counties (remaining 4 not approved for any network)
  • Majority of providers contracted below fee schedule
  • Highly customizable to meet individual client needs
  • Over 21,000 healthcare providers and growing
  • Initial credentialing included treating provider on-site visits
  • Notification materials in English or Spanish
  • Case Management, Utilization Management, Utilization Review are available, as required, if necessary
  • Flexible pricing options

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