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Inmate Medical Cost Containment

Prime Health Services is a leader in managed care.

Our ability to offer comprehensive programs for both large and small jails and prisons throughout the nation is what puts us on the cutting edge of the healthcare sector.

Let us customize a product that fits your facility for qualitybudget, and ease of access.

 Off-site Nationwide Provider Network

Prime Health Services offers the corrections industry access to our existing direct contract provider network. We bring our experience in direct contracting providers in the workers' comp and group health industries to the corrections industry.

  • Integrated into our MedTrac system is a nationwide offering of our off-site provider network
  • Offers better coverage for your facilities
  • Receive deeper discounts from providers based off of our negotiated contracts
  • Reports are customized to benefit you and your facility

Integrated online Inmate Medical Tracking

MedTrac inmate medical tracking system is Prime Health Services' online tool for managing your entire inmate population's medical incidents from beginning to end with comprehensive solutions for budgeting, tracking, and scheduling


 Claims Management

  • Identifies and tracks trends in your off-site care utilization and costs.
  • Claims Auditing
    -Eliminating duplicate claims
    -Identifying coding errors
  • Claims Processing - 2 ways you can access the Prime Health Network

 Real-time EDI Solutions

  • Claims are processed within seconds of being received
  • Allows Prime Health to capture data for all types of analysis

 Renovo System

  • Enables us to easily and quickly put our network into our clients' hands.
  • Increased reporting capabilities

 Utilization Management

  • Continual quality improvement with controlled costs

 Utilization Review

  • Provides you with independent review of medical cases to help ensure cost-effective, clinically appropriate care

 TPA Services

  • Fast turnaround to pay providers quickly
  • Accurate billing with audit checks
  • Accessible online reporting of savings