Prime Health Services, a prominent managed care company with a noteworthy national PPO network, announces a new relationship with WLT Software, a leading provider of advanced benefits administration and claims adjudication systems for insurance companies, government plans, third party administrators (TPAs), cost containment companies, and self-administered groups of all sizes.

This relationship provides WLT’s clients access to Prime Health Services’ strong national network of medical providers for group health and workers’ compensation while decreasing their medical claim costs.

The Prime Health Services PPO network includes over 700,000 medical providers, which is made up of physicians, hospitals, facilities, dentists, and many others located across the U.S.

Shelley VanEtten, Co-president, WLT Software stated, “WLT is setting the standards for quality on behalf of our Clients. As such, our goal is to partner with the best service providers available like Prime Health Services to encourage and facilitate growth by helping our Clients increase revenue and reduce costs.”

“We are excited to work with WLT Software and their clients to further our mission of helping to lower the overall cost of medical care,” said Jennifer Ryon, VP of Business Development and Account Management. “Our collaboration with WLT to set up the ‘EDI bridge’ interface between our two organizations provides their clients a turnkey solution for better network access and rates.”

The proprietary EDI bridge solution sends and receives bills for repricing and was built with scalability and redundancy in mind. Prime Health Services has pioneered the way for real-time claim repricing. Clients that use this EDI bridge option are easily connected to Prime Health’s services and have real-time access to the current Prime PPO network, allowing almost instantaneous repricing results. Thousands of bills can be processed in days rather than weeks.

WLT Software and Prime Health Services both are driven to exceed client expectations and take a personal approach to servicing clients nationwide. The synergy between both organizations will enhance WLT Software’s offerings when it comes to quality providers and discounts.

About WLT Software

Since 1979, WLT Software has helped clients who seek to take control over the cost and effectiveness of administering benefits to implement claims processing and benefit solutions for their plan members. WLT’s success has been built not only on its technological expertise in systems development, but also on the consistency of quality support from our service team.

Whether administering multiple plans covering millions or one plan covering a hundred, our core systems were developed with the understanding that every organization has its own unique needs. WLT’s scalable solutions are tailored to each client.

With the ever-changing landscape of the benefits administration industry, we help keep clients on the forefront of technology to best position themselves to not only win new business but to retain it.  Combining agile software development with our philosophy of client directed development gives us the flexibility to meet those needs and to adapt to industry changes and trends.

About Prime Health Services, Inc.

Prime Health Services is a prominent national managed care company that offers a full spectrum of cost containment solutions, including the top national PPO (preferred provider organization) network that is ready for immediate client access.

Customizable to each client’s needs, the primary PPO network and other medical management services– such as Prime Telemed, Prime Metrics, and Prime Hearing–are available to the workers’ compensation, commercial group health, auto liability, corrections, and Medicare Advantage markets.

Since 2001, Prime Health Services has evolved into one of the largest and fastest growing broad-based PPO networks in the country. Over 700,000 medical providers and facilities make up the Prime PPO Network, which is available to the insurance carrier, third party administrator (TPA), self-insured, governmental, and captive insurance organizations.

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