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Offsite Inmate Medical Savings Program

Offsite Inmate Medical Savings Program

Prime Corrections is proud to partner with the Florida Sheriffs Association to administer the Offsite Inmate Medical Savings Program (OIMSP).  As the costs of healthcare continue to grow, the OIMSP offers a layer of protection to help control off-site inmate medical costs.   Prime works to scrub medical claims and negotiate discounted rates to achieve savings for any sheriff or county-operated jail within the state of Florida.  The program is simple, risk-free, and has no cost to participate.

Historically, participating agencies have saved up to 60% for offsite medical services, with an average of 35-40% savings.  Last year, Levy County Sheriff’s Office was able to save over $280,000 or roughly 60% on a single medical claim, and that is just one example of what the program can do.   

How It Works

To sign up, an agency just needs to contact Prime Corrections.  There is no commitment and no cost to enroll. 

  • The agency can forward Prime any bills related to offsite medical, dental, or optical costs for inmates. 
  • Prime will “scrub” any invoices submitted using proprietary software developed to adjudicate (“scrub”) medical claims according to the Center for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS) standards.
  • Scrubbing is performed at the detail line level and identifies issues such as unauthorized/inappropriate services on the claim, incomplete claims, duplicate claims, invalid or excessive codes, and unbundled charges. 
  • Prime negotiates the best rates on behalf of the agency.  Prime is equipped with a specialized Contracting Department that engages in direct negotiations with providers, aimed at securing the most substantial discounts.

Agencies can save thousands of dollars without spending anything. If Prime is not able to achieve savings, there is no charge for the services provided.  If Prime does achieve savings, a percentage of the savings is retained by Prime.  The fee is included in the final billing invoice, so there is no separate invoice for the services.  Agencies will never pay anything more than the original invoice submitted from the medical provider.

Once enrolled, all agencies have two ways to access the program.  First, they can provide their Member-ID card to a provider whenever an inmate requires offsite medical care. Second, they send any outstanding bills to Prime after the care has already been provided, and Prime will review and negotiate the bills on the agency’s behalf.  This program works in conjunction with any existing contracts for in-house medical services, allowing agencies to keep all current agreements in place.

Give the Program A Try

Unsure whether your agency could benefit from the Offsite Inmate Medical Savings Program? Send Prime Corrections a bill that has already been paid.  Prime’s team would love the opportunity to negotiate more savings.

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