QueBall Nomination Management System

Prime Health has a core philosophy of giving our clients access to the providers of their choice instead of forcing them in to a pre-established network.

By utilizing QueBall, our internal proprietary software system that controls, manages and administers the nomination and network development process for our network. This gives us the ability to create a custom network based on the client's unique needs. QueBall allows nominations to be evaluated for appropriateness, verified for correctness of data, hierarchy by utilization importance and solicited by fax, email or standard mail while our provider contractors work with the provider to establish competitive discounts.

QueBall interacts with and assigns efforts to provider contracting staff to initiate and follow through with the contracting process. This is to ensure the right providers are added to the network to meet the needs of our clients. This is true customization at the network level. QueBall drives the nomination and contracting process and is an internal operation that is unique to Prime Health. QueBall can assist in building large state wide networks, small local networks or simply assist in increasing penetration in an area that is already above average to be even better covered.

QueBall incorporates our state of the art technological capabilities, as well as our network development and provider contracting expertise. These tremendous resources at Prime are forged into a solution for those in the marketplace that would like to develop their own network or simply increase penetration of their current provider mix. Our customers identify provider targets for their individual needs and our systems help to analyze the needs all the way down to the bill level. This is the heart of QueBall.

Top Network Development Strategies

Special relationships and stellar communication between us and our clients determine how we might go about developing the network for a given customer. Strong software systems, workflow and experienced provider contracting staff enable Prime Health to deliver this network development strategy that will save our customers significant dollars in time and development resulting in a tailored network of providers that meets our customers' specific needs.