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Prime Health Services University Urgent Care by TCU

University Urgent Care by TCU

3017 Greene Avenue, Fort Worth, TX 76109

University Urgent Care is managed by local emergency physicians in the Dallas-Fort Worth area to provide quality urgent care services.

We founded the University center to provide the quality of care for our patients that we demand for our families, our co-workers and ourselves. Our vision is to create a better patient experience that is prompt, thorough and hassle-free.

UCC can handle basic work-injury services for your employees.

List of services/specialities: 

  • Urgent care treatment
  • Work-injury care
  • Certified workers' comp 
  • Texas non-subscribers
  • Drug testing/Pre-employment
  • Wound treatment
  • Foreign object removal

University Urgent Care is dedicated to handling work-related injuries and getting injured workers back to work as soon as possible. UCC's team has devoted themselves to working with certified and non-subscriber for basic work-injury care and services.