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Red Card Authorization ID Program

In 1996, at the very founding of the core PPO network which was to become Prime Health Services, a novel idea was hatched. What if we could create an authorization (ID Card) for workers’ compensation that worked like group health ID cards? It was innovative and way ahead of its time.

That program became known as the "Red Card Authorization ID Program" and lives on here at Prime Health Services as a core aspect of our ability to connect patients and injured workers to medical providers.

This program works for most of our various markets: workers' compensation, group health, auto, and corrections.


Bullet -yellow -arrow What does the Red Card Authorization ID Program do? 

When a patient needs to see a medical provider, our technology has existed for over a decade to include all of the pertinent information about the payer, employer, and patient to the medical provider in an electronic deliverable ID form. Thus, even beyond a traditional group health ID card, the Red Card Authorization ID Program tells the medical provider what s(he) needs to know. In the workers' compensation world in particular, it is critical for the physician and other treating entities to know the name of the employer, the payer, and return to work instructions. The Red Card Authorization ID program relays all of this information.

Bullet -yellow -arrow What is the technology of the Red Card Authorization ID Program?

The technology behind this product is solid and innovative. Way back in 1996 the primary delivery method for the Red Card program was via fax. Today, we continue to use the fax, but even more importantly use the Internet and the Prime website for primary delivery. For both clients of Prime and their injured workers and/or patients, they are able to visit our website and simply print off the Red Card Authorization ID to take with them to the treating medical entity. This provides the medical provider with helpful information they need to make treating decisions, and more importantly, how to bill for their services thus eliminating significant hassle and wasted dollars trying to figure out whom to bill for their services (especially in the workers' compensation market). The system also allows for our contracted physicians to enter the PIN number of our participating clients to pull on demand the Red Card ID. The technology allows for an integrated communication tool between patient/injured worker, employer, and payer.

Also, in the workers' compensation market, employers and their agents frequently change their panel selection of treating providers. The Red Card Authorization ID Program allows for the constant changing of panels as the employer or its agents makes those choices. Our technology via our website provides the tools for panel administration.