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In today's ever changing workers' compensation market, controlling medical costs associated with on-the-job injuries has become increasingly challenging.  Self-insured employers, TPAs, governmental entities, and carriers continue to look for solutions to solve core issues across the healthcare delivery system.  

With the advancements of technology and the need for outcomes-based physicians' networks, Prime Health has developed a nationwide outcomes-based telemedicine specialty network for its clientele that addresses the needs of the workers' compensation industry from both the claims cost and overall quality care.  

Leverage telemedicine technology that

  • removes geographic care barriers,
  • actively involves patients in their own care,
  • improves patient-provider collaboration, and
  • reduces inefficiencies.
Prime Health Workers Comp Telemedicine On PrimeTelemed, Prime Health Services has strategically partnered with Consumer Health Connections (CHC Telehealth), a technology company that offers innovative, cloud-based solutions tailored only for the workers' compensation industry. CHC's telemedicine technology uses the latest innovations in medical technology with their virtual care system, as well as cloud-based communication integration with web and mobile devices making it easily accessible anywhere geographically. A telemedicine platform gives physicians immediate access to visual details of an injury, allows them to review vitals, and conducts a full interview with an injured worker as soon as the injury occurs.  

PrimeTelemed uses CHC Telehealth's secure platform because it is scalable and accessible, all while providing high-tech interoperability of tools for remote diagnosing and monitoring. This innovative telemedicine technology allows for a direct impact on quality outcomes for workers' comp needs of a company whether small or large in size. Truly a workers' compensation telemedicine platform, it is customized to fit each employer's specific needs.

Always striving for innovation, the partnership between Prime Health and CHC Telehealth is strategically and competitively positioned to be a leader in the telehealth market, and further solidifies Prime Health's position in the marketplace as the primary PPO solution for insurance carriers, third party administrators, self-insured companies, and governmental entities.