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 Values & Benefits

A common misconception about PPO networks is all networks are the same. There are many networks that have adequate provider coverage and discounts, however, that does not make us the same. We believe that our network is more than just coverage and discounts.

We offer other values and benefits that compliment our coverage and discounts which sets us apart from the others.

Personal Attention

Prime Health Services is large enough to manage a national PPO network yet small enough to give you prompt service and personal attention. Our staff consists of individuals working passionately and diligently to build and maintain our networks, always keeping in mind that each department affects the other. Our personal attention approach enables us to communicate effectively, work efficiently, and better attend to you. All of our staff takes ownership and pride in their responsibilities. Distractions such as missed or delayed internal communication, poor customer service and data integrity issues are some of the problems that have the most impact on the customer. We strive to eliminate these problems, which has enabled us to build a strong network and provide our customers with the attention they deserve.

Network Customization

Our staff is highly trained in provider negotiations. If a particular provider is not currently in one of our networks, we work quickly to contract them when nominated. We are able to customize our network to meet each client's needs.

In-house credentialing

In-house credentialing is another area we feel is beneficial to our customers and our network. We know our providers best. Our verification process on each contracted provider ensures that we represent the highest quality of medical professionals. The criteria overseen by our Medical Director includes: background checks, license verification, location inspection, and litigation review. We maintain these high standards with a quarterly review conducted by our Medical Director and board of independent medical professionals.

 About Us

Prime Health Services specializes in quality PPO development. Our focus began with clients and providers in the workers' compensation arena, after Prime Health acquired a local PPO network from a prominent Nashville, Tennessee hospital. The ongoing success and strength of our workers' comp network, led to the development of what is now our largest product offering, the Prime Health Group Health PPO Network.

Network development is our focus and our passion. We have a highly competent, well trained staff that strongly support all the functions needed for optimal network development. Moreover, our staff is also quick to attend to the needs of our customers. Sensitivity to our customers needs enables us to show them how much we value their voice and helps us construct a more user friendly network. As one of the largest all product networks in the nation, we strive to provide optimal customer service along with extensive coverage and deep discounts.