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While directly contracting with providers is the cornerstone to achieving savings for clients, there are occasions that demand individual negotiations that bypass the sometimes lengthy process of contracting a provider for a long term agreement. Since 2005 Prime has been actively performing negotiations with providers for specific client bills. Often these are providers who simply will not join any PPO networks. Yet, by approaching these providers from a perspective of a bill negotiation, Prime is often successful in achieving a level of savings for our clients. Our experience with this process enables us to achieve the maximum amount of savings, which is often competitive with Medicare rates.

Prime has a staff ready to perform negotiations on a bill by bill basis. In addition, we can perform negotiations for a specific client, meaning all of the bills submitted by a particular client are covered under the negotiation. Prime negotiates bills for all product lines: Workers' Compensation, Auto and General Liability, Group Health and Corrections.

Prime accomplishes this through the use of a Letter of Agreement. Our LOAs are tailored for each negotiation and our staff is trained in negotiating LOAs for hospital bills, ancillary bills and physician bills.

As time is a constant concern when pricing claims, Prime Negotiations completes the process within 72 business hours. For additional information regarding Prime Negotiations, please contact us at