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Case Management

Prime Health offers full medical case management geographically based on the needs of our clients. Through our experienced team of Case Management nurses, our focus is to ensure the highest quality of care for the injured worker. Our dedicated nurses proactively use in-network providers to treat the injured workers. Accessing in-network providers assist in the ability to achieve earlier return to work and maximum savings on the total claim as well as accountability based on the guidelines set in the contract between the provider and the PPO Network.

Our Case Management program adheres to the Commission for Case Manager Certification (CCMC) guidelines, holding our nurses to the highest standards of ethics. Our dedication is to provide our clients with the highest quality of managed care solutions.

Prime Health offers both Field Case Management andTelephonic Case Management to our clients.

Field Case Management is designed to facilitate in the assurance of high quality medical care and early intervention to impact the total cost of the claim. Services provided are:

  • Evaluation of medical care and coordination with the treating physician, employer, and insurance carrier.
  • Early intervention for immediate cost control
  • Measurement of the injured workers' capabilities in order to support return to work
  • Communication between the adjuster on activities involving the injured worker to ensure continuity of care
  • Assist provider panel development as our nurses are locally based with knowledge and ability to obtain optimal care

Telephonic Case Management begins immediately after the injury as an early intervention for faster and appropriate treatment for the injured worker. Our committed telephonic case managers work to ensure that medically appropriate care is provided to claimants while focusing on reducing overall medical and indemnity costs.