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PRIME IME Solutions is the leading Independent Medical Exam (IME) Peer/Radiology Review, Functional Capacity Examination, and Expert Witness product in the industry.

By utilizing proprietary technology and processes with key partners, we have been able to put a clean and easy-to-use system in place which streamlines services in such a way that allows us to provide quality reports a full week faster than other similar programs, thereby, potentially positively impacting your total expenditure.

  • Create new cases, detailing what type service you may need.
  • Track past requests to monitor their progress.
  • Upload medical records which our staff will organize for review by the physician you choose. Once the physician is located, the price will be communicated to you for approval. Upon approval, arrangements will be made for the service requested, which may include seeing the patient in clinic. When the physician writes the final report, it is all zipped up into a briefcase icon for you in the system so that you can print it out at-will.

As a Prime Health Services' Client you may already be utilizing similar medical management tools for such services. The expense for these services is already built into your LAE's. If you could spend the same money and realize savings on the bottom line you would naturally do so, right? That is where the PRIME IME comes in. By providing our reports a week faster than your current vendors, we are potentially saving you a week's worth of treatment costs that you would have paid out while waiting for the report from another vendor. If you calculate the average cost of a week's worth of treatment per claimant, and extrapolate that out over your claim volume sent for IMEs, you will see that there are substantial savings to be realized.

Staffed by attorneys, licensed nurses, and licensed claims professionals, you will find our physician panel has been built at the suggestion of claims management and defense counsels in their respective markets. Through the use of technology, we are constantly checking our panel through the respective governing agency's websites to ensure there are no impending sanctions, disciplines, etc. The quality of our panel and the defensibility of our reports are paramount to our service. To that end, our panel is an ever changing element to our success.

For more information, or for assistance in scheduling, call us toll-free at 855-845-7409 or [Sign-up Here].


Prime IME Solutions

You may access PRIME IME by clicking the icon to the left, which will take you to the log-in page for the system. 

If this is your first time using the system, some basic information will be requested prior to creating a log-in username and password for you. Once created, you can log-in as often as needed to create and follow your requests right from the home screen.

If you have already received a username and password please [Log-in Here]