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Group Health Market

While a variance of group health insurance has been in existence since the Civil War in the United States, it wasn't until 1929 when the first modern group health insurance plan was formed. 

A group of teachers in Dallas, Texas entered into a contract with Baylor Hospital for services in exchange for a monthly fee.  This relationship led to the industry as we currently know it.

Today, group health insurance is offered by many employers as a benefit or additional compensation to their employees.  A need to pair these employees with quality healthcare providers exists and Prime stands ready to fill this role.

Prime is committed to providing access to quality healthcare providers in all Group Health Markets.  Prime understands the needs of both the patient and the provider and works to ensure a lasting relationship for both parties. 

By contracting with quality health care providers, Prime keeps medical costs down for the patient as they have a readily available network of physicians and facilities to meet their needs without enduring the expense of going out of network for their care.  The healthcare providers benefit from an increased patient base and timely payment of claims, thus reducing administrative costs.