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The United States Supreme Court ruled in Estelle v Gambrelle, that prison inmates were entitled to healthcare. Inmates at that time were the only people in the United States to be guaranteed healthcare, and thus an industry was born. In 2009, the nationwide prison healthcare market was estimated to be in excess of 9.3 billion dollars annually.

Comprehensive prison healthcare providers generally provide onsite (staffing) and off site healthcare. Their market is usually large counties and state prison systems. For example, The Federal Bureau of Prisons is by far the largest prison operator in the nation. Moreover, state prisons and county jails serve a large number of inmates across the country. Unfortunately the US has a high rate of incarceration, and these inmates as referenced above are entitled to quality healthcare.

Prime has a solution to the ever growing healthcare costs associated with prisoners and medical costs. We offer a nationwide PPO which is corrections specific and developed proprietary software for claims adjudication and appointment setting. Prime is in the position to contract for offsite prison healthcare directly, with an onsite prison healthcare provider, or to lease its network to other contractors and prison owners. The corrections specific network generates discounts thereby lowering the actual costs for the services. The claims adjudication software lowers the actual costs again by a factor. The proprietary software prevents duplication of claims, proper medical coding, and allows for scheduled appointments. We also offer medical outcomes based metrics for the corrections population, which drives the medical costs down further by identifying the best outcomes at the best price.

Prime Health is in a unique position to provide savings by leveraging its PPO and experience to lower the offsite costs of prison healthcare. This is an unique market, but one which needs medical cost containment services and Prime has the solutions!