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Auto Casualty

Auto Insurance has come of age! Today, leading Auto Insurers are looking for premier networks that are contracted for dealing with the unique injuries of the motor vehicle injured patient. These insurers are not only looking for access, but as referral sources to make sure that follow up care (beyond the emergency room) is accessed. Along with access to quality care, these insurers are looking for reasonable savings, and quantifiable results in an outcomes based setting. Caring for the motor vehicle injured patient has become just as important as any other aspect of healthcare.

Hospitals who normally took the motor vehicle injured patient for granted (assuming they would be treated in their Emergency Room) are realizing that stabilized patients who are treated and released don't necessarily return to the hospital for follow up care. In today's world, the Auto Insurer and their case managers are driving the network access and utilization.

Prime Health Services is uniquely positioned to offer the largest directly contracted national network of auto providers that is available. Coupled with our matrix of partner networks Prime Health Services brings the best possible solution to the industry, and the best possible care to the patient.