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Prime Health Services

Why Choose Prime?

Prime Health Services has evolved over the past 15 years into one of the largest and fastest growing comprehensive, national Preferred Provider Organizations and Cost Containment companies in America. Prime Health has over 700,000 providers and facilities in all 50 states and the District of Columbia forming the Prime Health National Delivery System for workers' compensation, group health, corrections, and liability (general and auto). In addition, Prime Health Services offers other services such as: Prime Metrics, PrimeRX (an industry unique pharmacy management solution), and Prime IME Solutions (a national IME service).

Unlike many national PPO networks, Prime Health Services is not part of a corporate behemoth. Prime Health is a privately held company, with the original founder of the company leading the senior management team. As a result, all of our partners and clients are treated with a level of service and consideration that just isn't that common in today's business world of large corporation and venture capitalist ownership.

For our clients, this means we:

  • Maximize penetration and savings while offering highly competitive network access rates.
  • Quickly and efficiently create and implement the best service model.
  • Provide for a near instant repricing capability, utilizing a proprietary technology built on the XML Soap platform.
  • "Turn on a dime" to make any changes that our clients need to improve the service delivery process.
  • Customize the network to meet our customers' unique geographic or provider specialty needs through our unrivaled out of network provider nomination and credentialing process.

Additional differentiators from our competitors include:

  • High percentage of directly contracted providers
  • Provider disputes averaging under 1% nationally
  • Provider retention averages over 99%.

At Prime Health Services, we understand that as important as the bottom line results are, there are many more factors that define a good and valued service partner. Please contact us for more information on how Prime separates from our competitors offering the client the best solutions for challenging needs.