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Prime Health Services

Our Vision

Prime Health Services is today, and into the future, a significant component of the healthcare system in America. We understand that medical expenses are constantly rising, and we serve as one entity to help control medical costs for the greater good of all citizens. Prime aspires to create the most technologically advanced tools and services to assist patients and injured workers in connecting with medical providers to achieve the best outcomes at the best price.

Our Mission

Our primary mission is to provide PPO, Medical Management and related cost containment services to the national workers' compensation, group health, corrections, Medicare, and auto markets via negotiated discounts with medical providers. Through Prime's various medical cost containment services, we help to lower the overall cost of medical care. Thus we provide our core clients (Self-Insured Employers, TPAs, Carriers, and Governmental Entities) with significant discounted savings. Concurrently, Prime provides both hard and soft steerage of patients to our contracted medical providers in exchange for discounted rates.



Prime Health's Management Team is ready to provide you with quality solutions for your Medical Cost Containment needs.